Friday, November 13, 2015

Mixed Craft Supplies Haul

Whenever you think of shopping online from shops in the US or anywhere abroad, or a loved one would send you a package, what are you excited about buying? Clothes, shoes, bags, makeups, perfumes, or gadgets perhaps? I also love those stuff of course, I would get at least a pair of shoes or two, perfumes, and bags, specially those that cost double here in Manila but along with those ladies' staples, I'm always excited and happy to receive my craft supplies. Most of these craft materials also cost double here as most are only available from individual online sellers and they probably just have their supplies shipped from abroad as well and they still have to add a little amount on top of the item's actual cost and the shipping, it's business, can't blame them, really. 

Anyway, I just want to share these few stuff I got recently for my crafting needs. 

I'm now dabbling with polymer clay so I got this Jacquard Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments set, it's used to add color and shimmer to clay, I also tried mixing it with acrylic paint and the result was great, the mixture shimmered. I also got these tools for clay molding, the stainless spatula set and the acrylic roller. This acrylic paint set can be used with my other craft projects but I got this for my air dry clay, I have plain white air dry clay that can be kneaded with acrylic paint to have color. I still haven't tried it but I'm hoping to get good results.

These are for paper crafts. The Martha Stewart Scoring Board and tool, this is really helpful when making envelopes, paper boxes, or bags, I'm gonna be busy with it this Holiday season. I've already used this Cricut portable trimmer and I loved it, so easy to use and big enough for 12" sized paper or cardboard. Another one from Cricut is this scraper and spatula set, for scraping unwanted stuff from any surface, I'd probably use it with my clay tools, too. I also got this corner rounder set of two, 1" and 1/2", this is for making gift tags and paper bags, so this will be well used this Christmas.

Most of my craft projects use Mod Podge glue and sealer and this is something that should always be present in my craft area, I still have the gloss finish but I also want to try this sparkle one, it's just like the gloss finish but with tiny glitters leaving a nice sparkly look. The Mod Podge Dimensional Magic is a new one for me, I really wanna try it as I've seen beautiful projects using this, it adds glassy finish and dimension to a surface, so cool for making jewelry and accessories, I don't know how to explain what it does exactly but you can check out this tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks to see its wonders.

One of the must-have tools that a crafter needs is a craft knife.  I already have the X-Acto precision knife and just wanted a spare one and a few refill blades but my mom got me this set, I love her, she's so thoughtful.

This lot is for jewelry making that I intend to work on again after the projects I have lined up. I got the ring display hand, the display bust for earrings and necklaces, the magnifier with lamp that can be used hand-held or hands-free, and these assorted pearls and gem stones that are so inviting but like I said I still have some projects to make, mostly for Christmas presents, jewelry making will have to wait.

These are all gifts from my mom, by the way, early Christmas gifts indeed. She got them from Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, and Walmart, the pearls and gem stones were from various online stores, the labels show,,,, and and some, according to my mom are from trusted eBay sellers.

I still have a lot of supplies I haven't touched yet but I'll get to them real soon and to this new batch as well. It's just sometimes tricky to be in the zone with my crafts while overseeing my two-year old girl, she has a nanny and she can see me from my craft area but she always wants to be with me and join in the fun, haha. 

Till next time. Bye for now!


  1. wow kainggit! As much as I want to buy crafting supplies, my time is so limited because I have a full time work. I have a lot of pending projects pa.

    1. Naku, ako din, puro works in progress, haha. Oo, tapos pag naka-vl ka magandang relax relax lang no.



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