About Me

My name is Kathleen, Kat for short. I'm Ngag to my siblings and some of my closest friends, Auntie to my neices and nephews, Hon to my husband, and Mama to my baby girl.

I may not be someone who has a cool colorful life but I think there are a few things I can tell that you might find interesting. This is an "About Me" page anyway so I think it would be fun to share some random facts about me here.

1. I'm a stay-at-home mom, but no, I didn't quit my job when I got pregnant or had my baby.  I quit my job to rest for a while, and when I was planning to look for a new one, I got engaged, prepared for the wedding, got married, then my husband and I agreed for me to stay at home.

2. I was an accounting clerk in a bank for more than 4 years, then I worked for a BPO company as a technical support representative.

3. I used to play an online game where I earned more than $500 (roughly Php 22k) in 2 months before I stopped when I got pregnant because it was a difficult pregnancy. I know it's not much but earning while having fun was really great. I'm thinking of doing it again but I gotta start from scratch because I already sold everything in my account.

4. I don't bake and I can't cook well, my husband does the cooking at home, but some of my favorite TV shows are baking and cooking shows.

5. I wanted to be a painter and take up fine arts but ended up finishing business administration.

6. In highschool, I used to submit poems to our school paper anonymously, yeah, I was a bit shy back then, I was already happy seeing that my poems made it to the literature and art section of the paper without everyone knowing they were mine.

7. When I was a kid, we lived in the province for several years where I sold ice candy for a living while I'm in school and random veggies, crops, and native delicacies on some weekends. I experienced planting and harvesting rice, and I was good at climbing coconut trees. I, together with my siblings, survived 2 years without electricity.

8. To date, I have three tattoos.

9. I used to have a huge collection of books, they reached 572 to be exact, but now I only have around 300 left. I sold some, some were borrowed and never returned.

10. Movies with dramatic love stories don't make me cry but success stories and films about pets make me cry buckets.

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