Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Precious... Yarns from Baguio Hangar Market

My favorite cake, yarn cakes. Well, of course I specially love the edible ones but don't these yarn cakes just look so yummy? I know knitters and crocheters agree. If you are a yarn hoarder like me or just simply love yarns and you live here in the Philippines, you have probably heard about yarns from Baguio. Last year, I was finally able to visit the famous Baguio Hangar Market where mountains of yarns are sold. 

This is the stall where we bought my yarns. This is the second one we saw and a bit smaller than the first one located near the entrance of the market's second floor where the yarn sellers are. The first one sells acrylic yarns for Php 350 (a little over $7) per kilogram while it's only Php 300 (a little over $6) here in this stall.

I'm so sorry if I won't be able to give you the directions to the market because I honestly don't remember, lol. We just asked the friendly people there how to get to Baguio Central Market and once we're there, we again just asked around where the Hangar Market is.

They have different kinds of yarn, acrylic, cotton, and fancy yarns. It was almost nighttime when we got there so I didn't really look thoroughly at everything, I just went straight to choosing different colors of acrylic yarns. What I really wanted to buy were cotton yarns but they only have black and white available, they don't have hand-dyed ones, so I settled for the colorful acrylic ones. Maybe I'll learn how to dye cotton yarns in the future, it would be a useful skill for me. 

I bought a total of 3.5 kgs of yarn worth Php 1,050 (about $22). This would make lots of afghans, table runners, and more though I'm pretty sure I won't be able to use them all up in the near future. I just want to keep my yarn inventory full.

Each cake is more or less this big and I could make a bulky scarf from this and with a small leftover cake.

I made these Gryffindor and Slytherin scarves using just maybe a quarter or less than half of the cake of each color. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff scarves are still in progress.

Of course, yarns are not the only stuff you can shop for when in Baguio.

You can try this delicious strawberry taho...

... or this strawberry ice cream with lots of chunky strawberry bits. We got them when we were in the strawberry farm.

Also in the strawberry farm vicinity, we got these broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce...

... Sagada oranges and this green pinipig.

Inside that brown paper bag is 1 kilogram of ground Benguet coffee. The aroma in that coffee store in Baguio Central Market where we got this was so intoxicating. We caught it from afar and we were immediately drawn to the place to buy coffee.

And these are the pasalubong stuff. We bought them from the vendors who gave us directions to the yarn stores, we promised them that we'd come back and buy from them after we got my yarns.

These ones, we got from the Good Shepherd store in Mountain Maid Training Center. The 12 oz. Ube Jam we got from the central market was Php 220 and the ones sold from the Good Shepherd store are Php 200, just a small difference.

And what else did we get? Our matching sweaters! Jordana's sweater was only Php 120 (around $2.50) and mine was only Php 230 (a little less than $5).

So cute on her, hihi. 

It was only my second time in Baguio and we're definitely going back. Maybe next time I'll get those white cotton yarns and dye them myself. 

Thanks for visiting. Ta-ta for now!


  1. Fun, thank you for sharing

  2. Wow andameng yarns! Pero parang hindi sila nagkakalayo ng presyo dun sa pinagbibilhan ko ng yarns sa Rosario.

    1. Nagtaas na ata talaga sila. Nakabili ako sa Rosario mga 3 years ago siguro pero pagbalik ko wala na sila, wala makapagsabi saang pwesto lumipat.

  3. OMG your scarves are so pretty!!

  4. Hi. How much po yung cotton yarns nila? 😊 thank yooou!

    1. If I remember it correctly, parang same price lang sila per kilo nung time na yan, kung hindi man exactly the same mas mahal lang ng konti, hindi nagkakalayo. Ang sabi lang ng vendor, mas mabigat yung cotton yarn so sa isang kilo mas madaming cakes kung acrylic kesa kung cotton.

  5. Napakamahal po pgbumili online,talo na shipping fee at additional 50 pg banko hinulog un bayad,gusong gusto ko tlg itry ang baguio curly cotton yarn,super layo lng tlg ng baguio.

    1. Bulky po kasi kaya siguro mahal shipping. Oo nga po kaya pag mapadpad ng Baguio, damihan na lang pagbili.



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