Saturday, April 23, 2016

Summer Hat, Flower Headband, and Slippers - Crochet Projects for My Little One

This is my first and probably also my last blog entry for this month. I've been very busy with my little business, mini beaded wire trees, that took off a few weeks ago and in addition to that, it's summertime here in the Philippines which means swimming... beach fun and pool party! So yeah, I don't have much finished projects other than those for my little business and a few crocheted items I made for my daughter, Jordana.

As mentioned, it's summer here and we've been to a few trips to enjoy the sun better. For our beach trip, I made Jordana this sun hat from this YouTube tutorial.

Another project I made is this ruffled flower headband. I find this ruffled flower really nice, I made this with the help of this tutorial. The rose in the center is also from YouTube, check out this video for this no roll rose.

She loves her new headband!

And this is the pair of slippers I made to match her pretty headband. Here's the video tutorial that helped me on this one. I made an additional sole for each piece and glued it to the slippers to make them thicker. I put dots of hot glue on the bottom of the sole of the slippers to make them anti-slip. They don't look perfect but my daughter still loves them, yay!

Well, now I'm off to work on another project. Thanks for visiting!



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