Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I Love Growing Beaded Wire Trees - Trying My Hand at Running a Small Business

I'm on a short break from my little business right now so I'm free to take a few minutes to make a blog post. I have no new projects to share since I've been so busy these past few months, I'm just gonna show you what kept me from blogging and making new craft projects lately.

Tadaa...! Beaded wire trees wedding souvenirs. Well, they're not just for weddings, of course, I had a few clients who bought my creations for their friends, graduation party giveaways, and to resell.

Graduation party giveaways for Clau.

Souvenirs for Carl and Car's wedding. The bride wanted assorted colors for the trees so the blue motif was just shown on the boxes and tags.

For Jheron and April, trees of assorted colors, as well, and bigger potted ones for their principal sponsors. 

John and Shey's trees followed their silver and pink wedding motif. They said that the pink trees are for the female guests and the silver ones are for their male guests.

Bryan and Cheryl's wedding theme was Cherry Blossoms and I had this color mix made specially for them. 

A few pieces for one of my nicest clients, Cyndy. Simple gifts for some of her friends and she also already booked me to make her souvenirs for her wedding next year, cool eh?

Another option for the packaging, sinamay and abaca bags which Mervin and Florem chose for their souvenirs. They also wanted assorted colors for their trees and just had their motif tiffany green on the tags and ribbons. The big potted trees are for their principal sponsors.

Gian and Karlene's theme was rustic but they wanted my beaded wire trees for their giveaways so we just incorporated the theme on the packaging.

John and Jamie's souvenirs followed their blue motif.

I've noticed that a lot of couples have blue as their wedding motif. Maybe it's something that both the groom and the bride could agree on. I guess pink, coral, or purple motifs are usually the brides request.

I honestly didn't expect to have a lot of orders right away since I'm just starting up that's why I was so happy that a few days after I posted an advertisement on a Facebook community page for wedding suppliers, I already got a few clients. According to them, my trees are unique for party favors and some even said that it's their first time to see these cute little gems. I was so thrilled. I know that bead trees are not new but making them in this style, size, and base is my own idea. They also loved the boxes that come with the trees, also my own design, yay! 

Now, that's another blog post idea, my personalized gift box. I had trouble finding a template for the box because I was looking for one that would fit a letter size card stock and would make a 4x3.5x4 (inches) box. For the common template design to make up a box that size, I would need a bigger sized card stock so I had to make my own template. Okay, so I guess that would be my next project to share.

Well, here I am, a few months and hundreds of bead trees after, taking a well deserved break, haha. My husband asked me to turn down orders for the first two weeks of August so I could relax for a while and I happily agreed with him. 

Well, till next time. Bye for now!


  1. Ang pretty naman kasi sis! Congrats!

    1. Thumbs up to you... I also like your blog posts..thanks for sharing your craft

    2. Thumbs up to you... I also like your blog posts..thanks for sharing your craft

  2. Replies
    1. You can visit my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/jordanastreasures and pm me there. But unfortunately we're fully booked until June.

  3. HI there!

    I sent you an email. Hope to hear from you soon. :)


    1. Hi, so sorry for the very late reply. I couldn't find your email but if it's about the trees, I stopped making them for now because I'm super busy with our new baby. Thank you.

  4. Interested po. Pano mag order? Any contact info?

  5. Hi. Nakabreak po ako ngayon sa paggawa dahil may bago pong baby, pasensya na. Thank you for visiting.



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