Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to Make a Beaded Wire Tree

I wrote about buying jewelry making supplies in my last blog post. But instead of making jewelries, my first project from my newly replenished stash was a beaded wire tree. I'm not sure if this thing is already popular here in the Philippines but it is in the US and other countries. My mom was the one who gave me this idea. She's living in the states and she has a very successful ebay business, mostly jewelries, but she started selling wire trees with gem stones about a year ago and they became instant hit. They would go from 50$ to 200$, not just because it's a bit tedious to make but also because she uses high quality materials. She also made some as Christmas gifts and her friends loved them, I did, too, so I wanted to make one myself, but of course, just a cheaper version. So I used what I have on hand, seed beads. And searching online, I found pictures of wire trees also using seed beads, by looking at them closely, I got the idea how I can make my own.

This is my first beaded wire tree.

I want to be really good at this, maybe sell some in the future, so I'd do what I have to do, practice. For those who also want to start making this, there's only a few things you will need, and I hope this picture tutorial could help.


Jewelry wire - I don't know what gauge this is, I just checked if it's easily bendable but not too soft for the weight of the beads. I got this from Wellmanson,
Seed beads - I used 4 different colors because I want an autumn look and I don't have the exact bead color for that. Size is 2mm.
Measuring tape and wire cutter.

For the base of the tree, you can use a rock where you can mount it, a vase, pebbles, or anything that you find nice. With my first one, as shown in the picture above, I just put it on a lid of an ice cream canister (the only thing I could find, then), glued the roots, and put pebbles on top, also, each pebble is glued, too.


1. Cut wires of different lengths. I cut my wires from 20 to 25 inches. No particular number for each length, just random, you will just know where to put what along the way.

2 - 3. Bend the wire in half, put on the beads, I put 5 seed beads, and twist into something that resembles a leaf. So that is the center leaf, I just added equal number of leaves for each side so that I would end up with tails at least almost of the same size for the branch.

4. Keep twisting till you reach enough number of leaves for your branch.

5-6. Twist them together to form a group of leaves as shown in the picture.

I made different forms, different number of branches, different number of leaves for each branch, etc., just do whatever you feel that would look good on your project, the goal is to make it look like a tree, and trees have different shapes and sizes, anyway.

 7. Group branches together. I have maybe 7 to 10 branches in each group. (Picture is from a different tree I made, I forgot to take a picture for this step with my autumn tree.)

8. Twist them all together to form the trunk. I want mine to look like a bonsai tree that's why the trunk is short. The height of the gold tree is 4 inches and the autumn tree is about 5 inches. 

Mount it on your chosen base, and you're done. I'm thinking of putting these on something that looks like a bonsai pot, and I still don't have one so I'll just leave it like that for now. 

You can make the tree smaller or taller by cutting the wires to your desired length. 

Hope this helps. I'm just here if you have any question. 


  1. This is cute! I will definitely make one haha! love it.

    1. You can make it even smaller, haha. Thank you.

  2. It's a very nice and creative project!

  3. I love DIY but I don't think I can make this, baka abutin ako ng taon. lol Nice project!

  4. You are very talented mommy Kat. Galing!

  5. Lovely! I love how it turned out. You are so creative!

  6. Ingenious! I would love to receive something like this as a gift as I'm not confident of my "skills" haha. This would make a good business!

    1. Thank you! Somebody did ask me if I can make these as wedding favors, I just gotta choose the best base, I'm thinking clay.

  7. Ang dami kong natutunan na crafts sa'yo, sis. Thank you for sharing your ideas. :-)

  8. Lovely DIY project! This is a nice gift idea! Thanks for sharing how it's done! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

    1. You're welcome! And thank you for dropping by.



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