Friday, February 27, 2015

Jewelry Making Supplies - Villalobos Street, Quiapo

About two weeks ago, I went to Villalobos Street in Quiapo to buy jewelry making supplies. It was my first time to go there and it was a really satisfying experience, so it will definitely won't be my last. It is indeed the best place to go for your jewelry making needs, almost everything I need is there, and for some things on my list that weren't found there, it was easy to find substitute stuff for them. I visited three shops there but Wellmanson was where I spent the longest time and also where I bought almost everything. There's so much to love about Wellmanson, the place is clean and organized, has a good sales staff and a lot of items to choose from, it even has a snack bar where my husband who was with me on my visit there stayed while I was filling up my shopping basket. 

 Leatherette necklace display bust for Php 115 and velvet bracelet bar for Php 110. 

 Chains, ribbons, glue guns, and glue sticks. The wire is worth Php 300 per roll, I'm not sure about the length, though, but I'm sure it's reasonably priced. I'm already on my fourth wire tree and I think I still have more than half of the roll.

 Glass seed beads, Php 5 per pack (small), I'm sorry I forgot how many grams. Those bigger packs are 250 grams each and worth Php 50 per pack.

 Various metal findings. Yes, they have a lot.

 These colorful wooden buttons are only Php 40 per pack. I might also use them for other craft projects.

These faux pearls are only Php 7-12 per string. There were various types of pearls with different prices, Murano, Maurica, etc., I don't know what these are, I just bought the cheapest ones.

Wellmanson is a good place for those who are just starting to make jewelries because everything you need is in this place, and they're all easy to find with the help of the sales staff and like I said the place is very organized. But for those who are already looking for wholesale deals, it's best to visit the other shops in the area, like this shop called DIY Beads which I also visited. The place looks like a big stockroom where packs and packs of beads are already out and you don't need the staff's assistance when you need to order for a wholesale pack, you can just get it yourself. Maybe that's a bit unattractive for some shoppers that's why the crowd is way thinner here compared to Wellmanson but it didn't bother me at all which is really a good thing because I find some of their items relatively cheaper here.

These are from DIY Beads. That big bag of seed beads weighs 400 grams and is only Php 50, same price with Wellmanson's pack of 250 grams, and the pearls are only Php 12 per string.

The string of pink pearls is from DIY Beads, worth Php 12, and the blue pearls are from Wellmanson, worth Php 9.50. From the look and feel of them, they're of the same quality and the length of the string from DIY Beads is almost double of the other one just for an additional Php 2.50. 

I haven't compared many different items, though, so I couldn't conclude that DIY Beads sells cheaper, there might be some items that are cheaper in Wellmanson, so I couldn't say. I'll just try to explore other shops as well on my next visit to Villalobos Street to really get the feel of the place and maximize my buying power.

Planning to go to Quiapo, soon? I hope you get to visit Villalobos Street and have a wonderful experience like I did.


  1. Well I love the way that jeweler shows their unique craftsmanship and artistry with such a nice finishing. Even I have a name bracelet in my wardrobe

    ruby jewellry

  2. I am mostly looking for jewelry beads to make my own jewelry and I think it will bring the creativeness in me.

    1. It surely will, you might have your own signature style in no time. Good luck!

  3. Are the earring hooks and chains hypoallergenic and non-tarnish? I'm planning to visit this store soon. Thank you! :)

    1. The ones that I got are not of high quality so they do tarnish, I think, though until now the ones still in the plastic packaging and not exposed at all look the same. But they do have quality hooks and chains for sale, more expensive though, they even have silver ones that time I visited. Thanks for dropping by.



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