Sunday, March 1, 2015

DIY - Decorate A Mirror

We recently had a shoe cabinet built for us which we placed at the foot of the stairs. I want it to look like a console cabinet which is easy enough to achieve with the right decorations. I'm not the trendy type of person when it comes to decorating, admittedly, I think I'm cheap verging on "jologs" (Filipino slang for tacky or unfashionable), but I'm trying to make our house look like a home. My husband doesn't really care much, or shall I say, is not at all interested with what I would do with our house so I'm free to play around with the furniture, fixtures, and decorations.

Console table or cabinet usually features a big decorative mirror, a painting, a big framed picture or several small ones, or other decors on the wall above it, and displayed on top of it are a lampshade or two, books, key dish, vase, scented candle, picture frame, figurines, and other decorative pieces. Right now, I don't have much of those so making this sad piece of furniture look lovely is still a long shot. I'd probably find time to shop and include these things in our budget later, in the meantime, I'll use what I have.

Sad, isn't it? Anyway, we have a huge framed picture of my baby that is also on the wall right now that I wanted to put there but I thought that a mirror would be a good choice. It's a shoe cabinet which is usually the last place we go when we're all ready so it would be nice to get another glimpse of ourselves before heading out. This mirror was in our bathroom before, it's definitely just a temporary one till I find a nice looking decorative mirror and get to include it in our budget. I actually found some that were appealing to me but they're Php 4000 - 6000, too pricey for this budget conscious stay-at-home mom. I read somewhere about Dapitan Arcade having beautiful pieces which are only around Php 2000 - 2500, so I'm planning to visit that place soon. For now, I just want to try and decorate my little mirror.

I wanted to widen the mirror frame by using cardboard but it was hard to glue the cardboard around it because it's curved so I just decided to wrap the frame of the mirror with a scrapbook paper and make cardboard wall decor on each side of the mirror to make it look bigger. I was planning to decoupage it but unfortunately my mod podge order hasn't arrived yet so I settled on using white glue instead.

To make the cardboard wall decor, I wrapped it with the same scrapbook paper design I used on the mirror frame.

I made the paper roses using scrapbook paper as well with the help of this tutorial.

 I used hot glue to attach these pearls to make the roses nicer looking.

I also added branch-like embellishments using wires, bead, and pearls.

The branches and roses were attached using hot glue.

And now, the finished product.

The mandatory before and after shots, hihi. Excuse the stuff on top of the cabinet, like the mirror, it's also temporary, just space fillers for now till I get my lampshade and other ideal decorating pieces. I'm planning to buy most of them but would also incorporate DIY decorating ideas.

Any suggestions? I'll be happy to get your inputs. Thanks.


  1. very inspiring embellishments for mirror cabinets, i wonder we can add these in the bathrooms as well.

    1. Thank you. Probably not a good idea for bathroom mirrors because of the moisture in the room and they tend to get a few splashes of water every now and then. But if finished off with a nice coat of sealer to make it splash proof, I think it would work.



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