Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crochet Donuts Bracelet

Do you love donuts? Well, I do, so much so that I decided to wear them. That's right, I walk around wearing donuts on my wrist, only, they're not the edible ones, of course.

My yummy donuts bracelets. Delicious, aren't they? But I would just wear one bracelet at a time, and also, I've already gifted the other two.

This is an easy piece to make. I got the pattern for the amigurumi donut with a hole from Tanya of Little Things Blogged. The pattern is actually for a bigger sized donut, if you use a 4mm hook and yarn, but since I intended to make it smaller, I used 1.40mm hook and cotton crochet thread and ended up with a 1.25 inch-diameter donut. The pattern is easy and very understandable and she has pictures of her finished works to give you ideas for the icing, frosting, and toppings. Click this link to check out the pattern.

The pattern for the donut without a hole is also based on the same pattern, except for the beginning and the end.

Start with a magic ring.
Row 1: sc 6
Row 2: increase in each stitch around (12)
Row 3: *1sc, increase in the next* repeat from * to * around (18)
Row 4 is now the R1 in Tanya's pattern then continue with the rest.

This is also the start of the pattern for its icing then continue with the rest of the icing pattern.

To finish the base, after the R13 from Tanya's pattern, (skip R14) stuff the donut and do the following:

Next row - *1sc, decrease in the next* repeat from * to * around (12)
Last row - decrease in each stitch around (6)
Fasten off and stitch to tighten and close. If there is still a hole and stuffing showing, don't worry, you'll be able to cover it with the icing.

To connect the donuts to each other, I just crocheted small circles and sew them to the sides of the donuts. You can use the findings you want for your bracelet. I used lobster clasps and jump rings.

This cute and yummy amigurumi is very versatile. This can be made into a pendant, a key chain, or a bag charm, if you choose to make a smaller sized one, or if you want bigger ones, you can put some on a tray or plate and display them on your coffee table. I actually made a bigger one as a soft toy for my baby.

Now, I'm thinking of crocheting more desserts. I'd probably make cupcake pendants next, mmm, yum!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Amazing! The bracelet is really adorable!


    1. Why, thank you! And again, thanks for the pattern and the inspiration.

  2. They are super cute, but I don't think i can make one, haha. I'm not that skillful with crafts. :) You did an amazing job, though.

  3. Wow! You are really crafty sis... :)

  4. These are really pretty and cute! :)

  5. Pretty donuts it is! Looking forward on your cupcakes :D

  6. Are you selling your creations? They are all wonderful.

    1. I do, but they get sold to my friends and relatives even before I got the chance to post them on my fb online shop, haha.

  7. Cutie bracelet. I wish I had the talent and the patience.

    1. Thank you. I just follow instruction, haha, but yes, patience is needed, lol.

  8. love this wish i knew how to make it :)



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