Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MIY - Necklace with Crocheted Wire Pendant and Beads

I recently made plenty of crocheted beads, as shown in my blog post here, and I finally stopped making more to start making necklaces, instead. Just now, I finished two necklaces with the same design, I wanted to see it in two different color set.

My yummy pink necklace.
It's an easy piece to make, you just need a few materials. First, I'll show you how I made the ring which can be used as a lone pendant, too.

You'll need: 

round nose pliers
yarn or crochet thread
crochet hook
pearls (I used 2 different sizes, 3mm and 5mm)
jewelry wire 

Using your round nose pliers, form a small loop, this will serve as the ring where you will attach the jump rings to.

I used this mini perfume bottle to shape the ring, it has a 1.5 inches diameter.

Insert the pearls, whichever order or style you want, and form another small loop using your round nose pliers before cutting the wire. (You can skip forming a second small loop for the connector rings if you're planning to use it as a pendant.)

Single crochet along the ring, I used three strands of crochet thread, different colors. Don't worry if the wire is still a bit loose, crocheting around it will do the trick, just make sure that you'll crochet over all the parts specially the ends of the wire.

This is the finished work. I connected it to the rest of the necklace using connector or jump rings.

You can use jewelry wire or eye pins to connect the beads. I used a long eye pin on the group of three beads and a short one on that single bead.

I wanted to use a ribbon for the necklace but I don't have the right color so I crocheted one with a very simple pattern.

 Chain 3.
Row 1: single crochet on the second stitch from the hook, single crochet also on the last stitch, chain one, turn.

 Row 2: two single crochet, chain one, turn. 

Repeat until you reach desired length.

Connect your crocheted ribbon to the rest of the necklace using jump rings. Attach necessary findings like chain link, lobster clasp or toggle lock, whichever you have in your stash. 

Here it is, my Oh, so Orange necklace. For those who don't have time to make it yourself, this is sold on my online shop for only Php 150 (roughly $4) but just available for shoppers here in the Philippines for now. I haven't tried shipping to other countries yet but I hope I'll be able to in the near future. 

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message. Thanks for dropping by!

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