Sunday, February 15, 2015

Paper Craft, Scrapbook Supplies - Wellmanson, Quiapo

Wellmanson is a well-known place for a lot of crafters. Several blogs and tv shows have already featured this shop for their crafting topic. They also have a branch in Tabora St. in Divisoria, which I've been to a couple of times, but the one in Quiapo is the bigger one, and yesterday was my first time to go there. And yes, I can say so myself that it is indeed a very nice place, well organized, there were enough employees to assist customers, the place has AC, and the best thing about it is its snack bar. I went there with my husband and I haven't noticed that I already spent more than 2 hours shopping so it's a really good thing that my husband got to stay in the snack bar to relax and have a bite. Most of my shopping haul are for my jewelry crafting needs but I will make a separate post about it because I bought a lot. Yes, I got crazy and went putting a lot of things in my shopping basket, actually, 2 shopping baskets. Anyway, I would just post these few items from my haul yesterday, paper craft or scrapbook supplies. I'm just happy finding these items there.

Wrapping paper books! My heart jumped when I saw these. Right now, I have a lot of projects in my mind that I want to make using these beauties. Their prices range from Php 108 to 200+ depending on the size and the number of sheets. There were more than 20 designs, I think.

Paper tapes or washi tapes. This is my first batch, yay! I don't know where I would use them yet but they're so cute I couldn't resist getting a few sets. The one on top is only Php 42, the others are Php 52 each set.

Only 15 pesos for the 2 bottles of white glue. They also have glue guns and glue sticks for sale.

There were a lot of stamping sets designs - different alphabet fonts, cartoon characters, and a lot more. That one I bought is only Php 148, and the mini stamp pads set is only Php 40.

Other supplies for your scrapbooking needs that can be found there are stickers, card picture frames, colored pens, and a lot more.  I wanted to take photos of the place but I forgot when I was already there, I was too busy filling up my shopping basket. Well, those are just the few things one can find at Wellmanson. If you want to splurge on crafting supplies, this is the place to be. Too bad, they only have limited stocks of yarns, and my main craft is crocheting so I'd still need to visit Divisoria to replenish my yarn and crochet thread stash. But aside from that, I'm happy with my shopping yesterday, specially with my jewelry making needs.


  1. Magkano po exactly yung wrapping paper book? Depending sa sheets niya po.

    Meron rin po ba silang mga motifs and scrapbooks?

    1. Yang mga nabili ko po Php 108, 225x304mm, 16 sheets. Yung iba po hindi ko na nalist. May mga nakita akong scrapbook that time pero walang mga motifs.



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