Friday, May 22, 2015

Christmas in May! My Jewelry Making Supplies Just Arrived

I'm so happy with what I got from my mom's package recently. Well, I'm always happy with whatever I receive, of course, but this package is extra special because it has my jewelry making stuff. What my mom has sent us from the US was actually double of what I have with me right now but my sister suddenly decided that she wants to try jewelry making, too, so we divided everything in half. Anyway, this would still keep me busy for a long time.

I already have some of these tools but I only got them locally for cheap prices and I'm happy to get new ones with better quality. These are curved chain-nose pliers, crimping pliers, flush cutter, stringing wire nipper, flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, wire wrapping pliers, nylon-jaw pliers, and wire rounder. 

I've been wanting to try Kumihimo for a long time but I don't know any place that sells Kumihimo discs here in Manila or even online craft stores. Now, I can finally make a bracelet with this technique. I asked my mom to get the disc and the pack of embroidery floss from Amazon. The Kumihimo disc, I think, is about $5 and the embroidery floss is only $15 for 105 skeins which is less than half the price of the DMC floss I usually buy here.

I also got these sticker labels, bead mat, and beading tray. There was another beading tray for necklace that went to my sister.

I love this wire lot. There are sterling silver wires, gold filled wires, and copper wires of different colors and sizes. 

Jewelry making supplies wouldn't be complete without the different kinds of findings, of course. 


And this is the big part of the supplies we got, it took us a while to divide everything in half, for my sister and me. Beads, gems, pearls, and precious stones that I'm excited to work with. I don't really wear jewelry much but I love making them.

Of course, the ever reliable E6000 glue. I got mine before from Deovir but I forgot how much I got it for, probably just a little bit more than the cost of this one because Deovir's prices are very reasonable even for imported items.

This one is my favorite, a digital pocket weighing scale. I don't really need it but I'm happy to have one. I actually already weighed some of my jewelry, haha.

Well, this is the end of my loot. Thanks to my mom for all of this. I wanted to share where each one are from but my mom got them from different shops, I'm not sure which ones are from where but checking those with labels, they're from,,,, and

Thank you so much for reading. I just wanted to share a peek of what my next projects will be and also my happiness, haha. Yes, like any other ladies, I love shoes, bags, and clothes, but what excites me more is anything for my arts and crafts.


  1. I used to buy beads and jewelry crafts sa Quiapo! Medyo hindi ko na naituloy seeing this post makes me want to create jewelries again!


    1. Oh yes, saya pumunta sa Quiapo, ang dami mabibiling pang jewelry making.

  2. Hi! May I know where do you buy your wire strings. I'm really interested in wire making crafts but i dont know where to buy the materials 😂

    1. The ones on this blog post are from the US, mostly online stores but if you're looking for shops here in Manila, you can check out the stores sa Quiapo, sa Villalobos Street. Wellmanson is the most popular there but if you have time, check out the other stores too, some sell cheaper.



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