Sunday, May 10, 2015

Clay Hobby Starter Kit

Another craft that I want to try is clay modelling. I know I still have lots of things to do and projects lined up but I wanna try working with clay anyway. What's popular right now is the baked polymer clay art but since I don't have an oven yet (I'm not into cooking or baking, haha), I'll start with the air drying clay first just to see if I would love this hobby and go full blast and purchase the expensive stuff including an oven. It's funny, just thinking about it, that I'll get an oven for clay art and not for food preparation.

What gave me the idea about trying out working with clay is my need to make a base for my beaded wire trees. I decided that I'll just use clay for it, then I Googled clay sculpting and found amazing creations from clay that I want to make, too. Now, I'm going to start with simple things like tiles and beads which only need the basic tools, so I bought a few.

If you're one of the many washi tape fans, chances are, you're already familiar with Hey Kessy. This shop has a wide variety of washi tapes available, that's what it's known for, but it also offers other arts and crafts supplies such as pens for your calligraphy needs, cutting and carving tools for rubber stamp making and clay sculpting, air dry clay, paints, inks, and many more. I got two 500-gram packs of white DAS Air Dry Clay for Php 160 each and replacement blades for my X-Acto knife, 5 pieces of #11 blades for Php 85.  I could have just ordered online and have my things delivered but it was not far from here so I visited their studio at 71-B Esteban Abada St., Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Their studio looks nice, very bright, and welcoming and we're able to park in front of it. Check out what they have in store for you here:

Anyone who's into anything art related must know Deovir since it's the leading art store here in Manila. They also sell online through their website but of course, I always feel the need to visit the physical store. When we went to SM North Edsa, I visited their branch there and bought a set of plastic clay sculpting tools for only Php 101 and Mod Podge mold for Php 295, it's made of rubber, it's thick and it looks durable, it's actually designed for the Mod Podge Mod Melt, but I'm just gonna use it for clay. Another one of their stores that I visited was the one in SM Megamall and I was able to get this hardening clay there, which was unavailable in the North Edsa branch, for only Php 70 for a 1kg-pack. The hardening clay is, I guess, the same clay used in pottery, when it gets dry I can just use water to soften it and I think it's perfect for my wire tree projects.

One of the important things on the list for the basic clay hobby needs is a working surface so I bought this 12 inches by 12 inches ceramic tile for Php 24  and rolling pin for Php 65 from Wilcon, I just glued the back of the tile to a cardboard so it's smooth and I can place it on our table. Deovir sells acrylic roller but it was unavailable when I visited so this wooden roller will do for now, I'll just wrap it with wax paper or something.

I think I can start working with clay now, I'll just start off with simple stuff. I've read that I can use watercolor to paint over the hardened clay but acrylic paint is the best choice. And also, to change the color of the clay while it's still soft and being worked on, a drop of acrylic paint will do the trick, just knead the clay until the color evens out.

So, I guess I'm ready to try this. I'm so excited. How about you, is there anything that you want to try for a new hobby? Don't hesitate and just get on with it, there's no harm in trying, right? Have a great day!

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