Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Life's A Party

This is another one of those poems I've written which I intend to turn into a song since I already have a tune in mind for it. I'm starting to feel that most of my later works were done when I was heartbroken, haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this. 


I'm not really living, I'm just alive, breathing
Well, don't you get it, you took the fun out of life
Can't even fake it, my smile used to reach my eyes
I kinda miss it, laughing hearty till I cry

I've tried to smile at life
Hoping it would smile back
Instead, it winked and turned
And left me feeling like crap

I used to think life's a party, well, it was
Until the sun came out and the music stopped
Strangers leaving, trash everywhere to parking lot,
empty bottles, paper cups
Everyone's gone, you're gone, now I'm left to clean all this mess up

I should've gotten myself too drunk, 
I should have gone out of control
I can't believe I'm saying this, I know it's all too late to wish
But hangover would have felt loads better than this

I don't really have a life, I'm just alive, feeling
Really, come on, who am I kidding, I'm just numb
How can I move on, need a push not just a nudge
Can't get my game on, my mind's blank, I'm just plain dumb


  1. I love to see writing like this on blogs. Makes me more confident to share my own someday!

  2. Life's a party, I agree. I remember I've been writing stuff like these back when I was in HS but I don't know what happened - I stopped doing it.

    1. We are busier now, oh well. The last one I wrote was about 5 years ago.

  3. Kind of sad poem you have here Sis. I hope it is not true. Don't let other determine your happiness. Remember you make happiness happen. God bless!

    1. Sadly, it was I think what I really felt at that time. Emotion was clouding my view of life but I know better now, haha. Thank you. God bless you too!

  4. I used to write poems eons ago! Nostalgia!! I think we write poems when we're emotional ;)

    1. Exactly, within minutes, specially when we're heartbroken, haha.



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