Friday, June 2, 2017

Soap Giveaways

It's been a while since my last blog entry because I was so busy with my small business as I've shared on this post. We're always fully booked month after month that I forgot all about blogging. Anyway, I have this chance now because I'm pregnant with our second baby and all I want to do is to relax and enjoy pregnancy so I'm taking a break from making souvenirs. 

We started out with just the beaded wire trees and, as I've mentioned, we're always fully booked so whenever I had new inquiries and orders that I couldn't accept, some would still beg me to try and fit them in my timetable. Of course, I would only accept orders that I'm sure I could finish on time without stressing myself out. I'd always explain that the trees take time to finish and I could only make around 200-250 trees in a month, with weekends as my days off. Some people would also  try to order with only a week before their event and would ask me if I have other products to offer when I'd say that I couldn't possibly make the trees with that amount of time specially when I have other clients already booked. So I came up with another option for my would be clients...

Soap bars in different beautiful packagings. I found a supplier for organic soaps online so I ordered a few pieces to make my samples and posted photos on my Facebook page. The soaps are already wrapped in plastic and I just have to add sticker labels to indicate the variant. Depending on the packaging and number of pieces ordered, I could finish a batch in one to three days. Also a nice alternative for clients on a budget because the finished soap souvenirs, with the clients' chosen packaging with customized tags, only range from Php 30-35. 

Above are the sample photos I posted on my Facebook page of the packaging designs to choose from. 

Below are the souvenirs for my previous clients.

Over 1, 200 soap souvenirs in a span of eight months and in between my beaded wire tree orders, not bad. But now, I'm on a break from all of these. Good thing, too, because I miss crocheting. 

Bye for now! 

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